Business Development

for Creative Enterprise

Business Development

for Creative Enterprise

Implementing strategies and procedures to bring creative projects to the marketplace


New business development, market research, strategy, prospecting and sales.


Client Services

Account management, project management, client communications.


Fundraising, grant proposals, investment and sponsorships.


Contracts, licencing, rights management, intellectual property etc.

“I would not hesitate to recommend Ruth Coalson for any professional endeavour she might pursue, and would be happy to further discuss my experience working with her.”
—Cynthia Ashley, Project Manager, Back To The Moon For Good, Google Lunar XPRIZE Foundation

About Me

It’s a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together.

I am an independent Business Development Manager and creative business consultant based in the UK.

My highest goal in life is to leave the people I meet in better condition than I found them.

I most love to sell the art of storytelling across numerous immersive environments, to engage, educate, entertain and make companies more profitable using the latest technologies in the most immersive spaces.

I provide value by identifying opportunities, nurturing each relationship to understand the client’s needs and engineering solutions to create the most impact.

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